Wine clubs are the perfect opportunity for new and seasoned wine lovers to dive deeper into the discovery of new wines, receive favorable pricing, have a direct relationship with a winery… all with the convenience of delivery to your door. If you’re wondering if a wine club membership is for you, here are the benefits of joining a wine club, and how you can find the right one.

A wine club membership is an opportunity to learn more and taste more, but also to dive into specific regions or styles that fascinate you.

As you taste through the wines that are curated and delivered to you, you might begin to find a sense of terroir, the wines’ unique expression of the place it comes from. And as a result, you’ll develop your palate, encounter unique finds, and become an important part of a wine community.

Benefits of a wine club membership

Wine club members play an important role in any winery. As a member of your favorite winemakers, you are pledging your loyalty to their work and making it possible for them to continue making great wine.

Here is what you’ll get out of joining a wine club.

Access to curated selections

Members often have first access or, in some cases, only access to wines. Above that, most wineries like Cornerstone pride themselves on customizing your shipments to adhere to just your preferences but might earn your trust in trying something different.

Discover new wines

There’s nothing like the thrill of discovering a new favorite wine. Memberships introduce wine lovers to unique, rare, and library bottles that you will not find in stores. This process of guided discovery with our seasoned team can help to expand your palate and wine knowledge.

Convenience and delivery

Wine club members enjoy the convenience of having wines delivered directly to their doorstep, eliminating the need for frequent trips to the store. This saves time and crosses one thing off of the to-do list!

Exclusive offers and discounts

Wine clubs offer exclusive discounts, early access to new releases, and special promotions, providing extra value and savings for you. Cornerstone Cellars offers savings up to 20% off the listed price for members, as well as discounted shipping costs.

Wine education and events

Learning about wine is fun. Many wine clubs host educational events, virtual tastings, and member gatherings. Cornerstone is proud of our team’s experience and enthusiasm to share their collective wisdom and hospitality, either at a tasting or one of our annual events.

How to join a wine club

Many wineries offer wine club memberships with exclusive offerings. If you find yourself repeatedly gravitating towards a specific producer, style, or region, consider joining a wine club.

You will get a closer look at the type of wines you love and learn more about what happens in the vineyard that makes them unique.

Plus, by joining a wine club directly through a winery, you will support the growth of that winery and region. Who knew that so much good could come from drinking wine?