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Two signature experiences await you. Whether it’s our classic Taste of Cornerstone, a personalized selection of five wines for $50 per guest, or our seasonally available Pairings Flight with small bite accompaniments at $95 per guest. Our own curated cheese and charcuterie board can be added to any experience for $35.  Wine Club Members receive preferred pricing and booking.

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Our elevated and comfortable Tasting Lounge in Yountville is available for tasting appointment by advance notice. You may book your visit with us by following this link. Experience a shared space with TINA Stephens in a gallery setting with great music.

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Wine Tasting Tips: Enhance Your Yountville Experience

New to wine tasting in Yountville? Don’t worry! Our friendly staff is here to guide you, but a few simple tips can elevate your experience. Start by taking small sips and swirling the wine to release its aromas. Focus on identifying the different scents and flavors, then consider the wine’s body and finish. Feel free to ask questions – our team loves to share their knowledge about our wines and Yountville’s offerings in general.

What Sets Downtown Yountville Wine Tasting Apart from Other Napa Valley Regions?

Unlike sprawling vineyard estates, Yountville offers a walkable tour for wine lovers. Our charming tasting rooms are steps from each other, allowing you to compare and contrast offerings from one Yountville winery to the next, all within a delightful afternoon. This coupled with the town’s world-class restaurants and art scene, makes Yountville a truly unique Napa Valley wine tasting experience.

Exploring Yountville's Terroir: What Makes the Wines Special?

Yountville’s unique location at the southern tip of Napa Valley fosters a distinct terroir, influencing the character of the wines produced here. The cool fog and consistent breezes rolling off the San Pablo Bay extend the growing season, allowing grapes to develop intense flavor profiles while retaining balanced acidity. This translates to elegant, nuanced wines that wineries in Yountville are renowned for.

Experience Napa Valley wine tasting at Cornerstone Cellars, one of the best tasting rooms Yountville has to offer. Nestled in the heart of a small town, our inviting atmosphere promises an unforgettable introduction to Yountville CA wineries.

Often recognized among the top wineries in Yountville and even the most beautiful wineries in Yountville, we go beyond the typical wine tasting experience. Our knowledgeable staff tailors each wine tasting in Yountville to your preferences, ensuring a delightful discovery for both seasoned connoisseurs and curious newcomers. Whether you seek the best tasting rooms Yountville has to offer or simply a memorable wine tasting Yountville experience, Cornerstone Cellars promises an exceptional journey into the world of Napa Valley wines. Book your visit today and experience what an amazing tasting room Yountville has to offer.

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