The best part of being a member of the Cornerstone Cellars wine club is delivery day. Up to four times a year, our members receive a carefully curated selection of wines based on the kind of lifestyle they share with their wines. Unboxing these wines is an exciting ritual that might stir up new ideas of dinner parties and people you wish to connect with in the coming months. Let our wines inspire you to share food, time, and laughs with the people who matter to you the most.

Let’s take a closer look at what kinds of wines will be delivered to your door when you become a member of our community.

A peek inside the Classic Club

For our wine club members who never need a reason to open a great bottle of wine, the Classic Club was designed just for you. Featuring wines that never go out of style, wines that go with food, and wines that compliment that “just because” attitude that you love to live by, the Classic Club wines are the core of our portfolio.

When you become a member of the Classic Club, you’ll enjoy a box of 4 of the finest wines Cornerstone Cellars produces, delivered to your door four times a year.

A peek inside the Collector’s Club

Are you ready to dive deeper into the Cornerstone Cellars portfolio? The Collector’s Club was made for the discerning wine enthusiast who loves wine so much, they couldn’t drink just one style. These deliveries showcase our most distinctive wines, our softest wines, and everything in between.

Four times a year, members receive 6 bottles that demonstrate the full range of the Cornerstone Cellars portfolio.

A peek inside the Case Club

Case Club members get the ultimate unboxing experience. This is our most special offering, designed for the serious wine collector.

Case Club members receive 12 bottles of wine four times a year delivered to their door. Each box is curated by our winemakers specifically for careful aging in your personal cellar. Case Club members experience the joy of not only unboxing our most coveted wines, handcrafted from the best vineyard sites in the Napa Valley.

The beauty of the wine club

Being a member of a wine club is the perfect way to treat yourself to endless, special wines. Cornerstone Cellars wine club members enjoy other exclusive benefits like discounts on wine purchases, complimentary visits to our Yountville tasting room, and first access to allocated, reserve, and library releases.

Happy unboxing!