Known for its world-class restaurants and wineries, Yountville is a premier destination for wine and food pairing experiences. Local chefs, sommeliers, and winemakers alike share the idea that food and wine are made better together, and we work in collaboration to make endless unique culinary experiences inspired by local ingredients. Our community is bonded by a love of food and wine, and the best wineries in Yountville are inspired by the culinary talents that come to our community at some of the most exciting times of their career. Yountville has an incredibly diverse culinary scene, from French-inspired cuisine to farm-to-table dining. Every style of cuisine is a unique offering and invites a different style of wine.

Sip and savor the local talent

Expertise and passion are the local ingredients that make up our community’s talent. At Bistro Jeanty, Chef Philippe Jeanty tells a story of everyday French life, pairing warm hospitality with classic French cuisine. At Brix, Chef Cary Delbridge creates rotating seasonal dishes with farm-to-table ingredients, to which wine director Jamie Jamison pairs award-winning wines throughout the year. Yountville is also home to traditional Italian, Spanish, and Mexican cuisine, American comfort food, bakeries, pizzerias, and our own chocolatier, Chris Kollar of Kollar Chocolates. Here you’ll find casual fare cozied up to Michelin restaurants, and local sommeliers with a passion for pairing for every occasion.

The best wineries in Yountville enhance the dining experience

Wine and food pairing goes beyond a meal. In Yountville, our culinary scene offers an elevated experience, allowing regional wines and ingredients to lead the way. Showcasing Napa Valley’s flavors and wine styles is our greatest privilege. We are home to bold, expressive reds like Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine that pairs perfectly with dramatic dishes packed with flavor. But we also make crisp, aromatic whites like Sauvignon Blanc, which allows more contemplative dishes with fresh ingredients to shine. And our Pinot Noir just happens to pair with nearly everything as a very food friendly wine. Allowing our sense of place to be our compass, we offer a seasonally available food and wine pairing a lifelong creative journey and a way to tell the world the story of Yountville and the people who live, eat, and drink here.