The holiday season is coming up, and we know that you want to gift something special to the wine lovers in your life. But sometimes it can be hard to shop for wine enthusiasts…how do you find the perfect bottle you know they’ll love?

A wine club subscription is the perfect solution to this question. A wine club is an excellent way to become acquainted with a favorite wine region and to experience the joy of tasting exciting wines regularly.

Plus, many wine clubs offer exclusive access like limited-production wines not available elsewhere, special events, and other discounts.

Here’s how a wine club subscription makes the perfect gift

A wine club is the gift of ongoing joy. Unlike traditional gifts that are enjoyed once, and then forgotten, wine club memberships are year-long, as members receive regular shipments of premium wines.

Wine clubs offer curated experiences, giving recipients the opportunity to receive personalized selections that are handpicked by experts. If picking a bottle for your wine-loving friend sounds overwhelming, you can leave it to the experts and trust that they’ll get something special.

A wine club subscription is the perfect gift because it allows recipients to discover new favorites and explore a variety of wines they might not otherwise pick for themselves. But it also gives them the best gift of all: a chance to taste wine regularly!

How to find the perfect wine club to give

There are many wine clubs out there, and we have a tried-and-true way of picking one that always works for the wine lovers in your life.

The next time you’re sharing a glass of wine, or chatting on the phone, ask them: what wine regions are you interested in right now? What’s new and exciting in the wine world? Take note of any regions or producers they mention. Next, find a winery in that region that showcases terroir in its portfolio and of course: has a wine club! There are so many options in wine regions around the world.

Your gift will be a surprise they never saw coming and a gift that keeps on giving.